Raid or Trade 2012

The 9th century Oslo to Paris Trade Route
(OK, it was just Vikings burning villages down the Seine)

Arts and Science Competitions

 Viking Found Object "Team" Competition
As a two person team or as a single entrant enter a piece created by one of the team members that could reasonably have found its way into the possession of a Viking. Using bardic skills create the story of how the item found its way into Viking hands, due to competition constraints this will need to be presented in written form. Judging will be based on a combination of the presented object and the quality of the story. 

Heraldic Scavenger Hunt

How well do you know the heraldry of the groups within Calontir?  Come test your knowledge of Calontir heraldry!  There will be both a children's version of the scavenger hunt as well as a hunt for adults. 


Best Heraldic Display

Do you have a cool banner?  Is your tent painted in your colors?  Do you have a fantastic heraldic feast gear set?  Does your entire encampment announce who you are?  Show them off!  There will be a "field trip" to any non-portable displays.

Entries for all contests must be submitted no later than 12 noon on Saturday.  Judging will take place at 3pm. Winners will be announced at Their Majesties' pleasure.

Favors from the populace are always welcome.